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What is this?

LocalPower connects people with community groups near them.

What kind of groups?  Groups offering practical, positive and supportive responses on a local level to the challenges that the climate, energy and environmental clearly present to us now and in the future. LocalPower does this by providing a very simple registration process for groups, and a very clear and easy way for people to find these groups.

LocalPower welcomes registrations from groups with this approach in their community to any of the impacts of Climate Change, Peak Oil and/or Environmental damage.  The site has automatic data feeds from Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the Transition Network, meaning we have the up-to-date information on all their groups integrated into the group search.

LocalPower is 'non-denominational', that is, it accepts registrations from different websites and social networks, and for that reason it will be the one place to see all the community groups dealing with climate change, peak oil and sustainability.

LocalPower is not a campaigning or action organisation in its own right, it is solely a website that acts as a hub for the people and groups that are offering a practical and rational response on local, community level to the climate, energy and environmental crises.

Over time, the LocalPower site will provide a view of the UK's grassroots and community response to the Climate, Energy and Sustainability challenges.

LocalPower is currently UK focused, but is able and interested in providing a more global view. If you would be interested in helping resource this expansion plan, please contact us.

LocalPower, launched in July 2009, is a project of PowerSwitch, the UK's largest online Peak Oil community.

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Obviously the more people that know about LocalPower and use it, the more effective it will be, so we would be delighted if you would link to us on your website or just email your network of friends.

We also have a range of logos that you'd be very welcome to put on your website.

You can download the logos from the following links:

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LocalPower - Medium Logo with text - 188 x 250 pixels

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