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Climate Change groups. Peak Oil groups. Transition groups. Environmental groups. LocalPower loves them. LocalPower wants to help people find groups, and help groups be found.

Whether you are a well established group or just starting out, hoping to find others in your area, register right here on LocalPower and be found.

LocalPower welcomes registrations from groups working towards a practical, positive and supportive response in their community to any of the impacts of Climate Change, Peak Oil and/or Environmental damage.

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Submission Guidelines

We are very excited that you're about to register your group on LocalPower. However, there are some things you need to know that will make this process smoother so please read this before you complete your entry.

Group name = this appears in the URL (web address) - please use dashes instead of spaces - e..g transition-town-london - this will make your entry much more readable and searchable to both the human and google eye! Do not use 'underscore' '_' Please also avoid special characters (for example, use 'and' instead of '&')

Group title = this appears in the search results e.g. Transition Town London (does not need dashes, and you can include spaces). Please also avoid special characters (for example, use 'and' instead of '&'). If applicable, please format your group title as 'Group Type' 'Area', so, for example, Freegle Blackburn or Transition Town Skegness, not Blackburn Freegle or Skegness Transition Town

Postcode = please enter at least the complete first half of your postcode. If you postcode is XY1 AZ2, but you do not want to include the second half, please make sure you enter the first half, XY1. If you do not enter a complete first half of the postcode, you entry will not work.

Website = please do NOT include "http://" - the system inserts this automatically

The Tick Boxes = tick the areas of interest that are applicable to your group. These are used for searching

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LocalPower reserves the right to reject any group registration that it does not deem suitable.